Monday, November 20, 2006

We are...

The Patriots won handily yesterday, 35-0. Hopefully they're tuning up for the Bears next Sunday in what should be one hell of a game. The key to success with the Bears is to get to put Grossmann in the dirt and let him shake himself apart.

In other news, I went to the Penn State vs. Michigan State game yesterday, a 17-14 nailbiter courtesy of the fumbleriffic offense. Anyway it was still a fun time. Seeing Paul Posluzny in his last home game was a great experience and he had a few huge hits.

This gives me chills...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Primal Scream?

Forget $20 million, more like $51 million. All for the rights to negotiate with a guy who's never pitched an inning in a MLB game. My head tells me that the Red Sox front office has done its job, but my heart tells me this could be a big mistake.

On the other hand, a rotation of Schilling, Matsuzaka, Papelbon, Beckett and Lester/Wakefield could go to and win the World Series if they all pitched as well as or better than they did last year. Really Beckett's the only one who has to man up. Lester should hopefully show some improvement too, but he's only 22.

On the plus side, his stuff looks nasty. Watching A-Rod hacking away at it in the ALCS would be a great pleasure.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Standing in the mud...

Well, an ugly game in ugly weather for an ugly Monday.

The first consecutive losses in 2002. Losing to the Colts didn't sting so much. Everyone knows how good of a team they are. Losing to the Jets on the other hand just plain sucks.

Apparently, there's a version of the Patriots with Rodney Harrison and a version without, and the two aren't remotely similar. I think if Harrison had played the entire Colts game, we would have won.

The Jets game is much harder to analyze. Things just fell apart.

In Red Sox world, Foulke is gone (no suprise there), Timlin is back for another year (stock up on the hunting t-shirts and pepto bismol) and if we pay $20 million to negotiate with Matsuzaka, I will kill someone.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Silver linings?

Turning the ball over four times and still coming within a touchdown of beating the Indianoplis Colts? Not what I wanted out of Sunday night, but I'll take it.

The Patriots got cute on offense, instead of kicking the Colts' teeth in, which is what they needed to do.

Friday, November 03, 2006

The Patriots vs. Manning, Round 8

Well, it's time for that showdown at Gillette again. The Colts are coming to town. After last year's emberassing loss to Peyton and co. it's time for a little redemption. I'm much more confident going into the game about the Patriots chances. Last year the Patriots were lost defensively. Our secondary in particular was a mess. This year, Harrison is back and the defense is looking much more like the Patriots defense that we're used to.

That said, they better be ready to lay some wood when it's game time. Also, we seem to be a much more balanced team than the Colts, who are still finding their running game, and similarly have had problems against the run. I'd take even money that Belichick flips the passing/running ratio from last week and show a completely different look from the spread offense that was being run.

I'm confident that our offense will score against the Colts, it's just a matter of the defense getting to Manning and keeping him from hurting the Patriots too bad.

November is where the metal meets the meat for the Patriots. They're going to have to beat either the Colts or the Bears to show that they're ready for another run at the Superbowl. I expect the usual wizadry from The Hooded One to see us through this trying time.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Obey your master.

I particularly like the shots of Brady and Belichick to "Obey your master."

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Monday Night Massacre...

Funny comment last night during the pre-game show. The MNF crew (who make me long for John Madden at this point) are discussing the Vikings defense. I believe Kornheiser said something akin to "The Vikings are going to try and take away the running game and put the ball in Tom Brady's hands."

Good plan.

On the opening drive the Patriots then march down the field and into the end zone while only running the ball once ,a quick handoff to Maroney that got stopped behind the line. Brady went six for six for 94 yards.

430 Yards, 4 Touchdowns in the air, 25 First downs.

All in all, a great game by the Patriots. Tom Brady looked like Tom Brady, Laurence Maroney is looking better and better everytime we see him and the defense played like the defense we know and love.

The only worrying thing was the number of penalties committed at the start of the game, but they hardly mattered.

And for the record, there were some terrible calls made against the Vikings.

How awesome was Bill Belichick's hoodie with cut off hood and sleeves?

(Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports)

Bring on the Colts.